Yours Is Their Home Away From Home

It Gets Better The More They UnplugNPlay

You have the kind of environment to make every guest feel amazingly comfortable and relaxed. But there’s something to be said for them having a lot of fun at the same time too. And while every hotel, resort, country club and gym is looking for that magic, missing ingredient to bring into their space, you’ll find it with just one monthly subscription.

Even Rest And Relaxation

Could Use Some Shaking Up Once In A While

Through a subscription to Killerspin’s “UnplugNPlay” Package, you’ll take guests from the routine to the unexpected and exciting. Our program is designed to encourage higher levels of engagement among guests by transforming an area of your space into an UnplugNPlay Zone, a place featuring a Killerspin table that’s practically impossible for any guest passing by to ignore.

The Best Way To Unwind

Powered by Killerspin

Go ahead. Show them how to live a little – or a lot – by jumping into a game between fellow guests, courtesy of you ordering a “UnplugNPlay” Package that brings a free table, customized paddles and balls into your environment. And if you’re worried about keeping track of the equipment inventory, don’t. We’ve got you covered with full concierge service for quick reordering. So your guests can never have to miss out on an opportunity to connect through a game. Or several of them.

Activate Your Experience Today.

Whether it’s a few guests randomly meeting for a game or a group that’s organizing its own mini-tournament, with an “UnplugNPlay” package, you’ll be perfectly positioned to give them the entertainment they crave without ever needing to leave your property to find it.

Get started by filling out the form below and telling us a bit more about how many guests you typically have and a description of your environment. We’ll be promptly back in touch with an “UnplugNPlay” package that’s made to roll out and revolutionize your space.

Bring your guests together for a level of engagement that doesn’t happen by accident. It happens with one monthly subscription. Let’s UnplugNPlay.