What’s New And Exciting With Your Company?

The Way People UnplugNPlay.

Face it. Right now, your people are isolated in their offices and cubicles, working away on their own assignments. Sure, they’ll take a break to chat with each other in the hallway or go on a coffee run but really, how fun is that? It’s not. But with just one monthly subscription, you can revolutionize that. We’re talking total connectivity from now on – and not even the online kind either.

A Dramatically New Culture

Just The Way You Ordered It

Could it be that easy to bring your people together more often to connect with one another? Absolutely. In one subscription to Killerspin’s “UnplugNPlay” Package, you won’t believe how often your employees break free from the day for some friendly table tennis competition. But it’s no wonder, considering we’ll revamp your common area space from top to bottom to ensure it’s an area they want to spend more quality time in. In fact, our Killerspin table is so versatile, teams can utilize it for brainstorms and department meetings all day long between the next big game!

Meet The Office’s UnplugNPlay Zone

Powered by Killerspin

Hey, is that your logo on the table? It sure is. Each “UnplugNPlay” Package is unmistakably your own. Starting with a free table with customizable options for your table and paddles. But wait – who’s going to help your Chief Fun Officer roll all this out? That’s what we’re here for, with guidance and ideas for a killer company wide rollout. Plus, as part of your subscription, you’ll have access to our full concierge service for quick reordering, so even if you have damaged or missing equipment later, we’ll keep the momentum after the company introduction going strong.

Activate Your Experience Today.

A funny thing happens when you order an “UnplugNPlay” package: Your people stress out a lot less. They head back to their desks refreshed and ready to be more productive. And with the most exciting program for a common area you can ask for, you might just make some major inroads toward enhancing your retention efforts.

Get started by filling out the form below and telling us a bit more about how many people work in your company, the number of floors you have and more. We’ll be promptly back in touch with an “UnplugNPlay” package that’s made to roll out and revolutionize your space.

Transform your office from a place where people watch the clock until it’s time to go home into a real office community where co-workers love getting together to connect all the time. It begins with just one monthly subscription. C’mon. Let’s UnplugNPlay.