Who Wouldn’t Want To Be Known

As The Premier Place To UnplugNPlay?

With so many options for entertainment out there, your guests have enough reasons to check out the next place on their list, even if they’ve spent some time in yours. So what can you do to keep them excited about staying right where they are, having fun under your roof for a whole lot longer? One monthly subscription, for starters.

When More Of Your Guests Interact

Everybody’s A Winner

Through a subscription to Killerspin’s “UnplugNPlay” Package, you’ll be able to boost the level of interaction between tenants like never before via a program that features an awesome table and full complement of table tennis equipment. The people in your building won’t just see it exclusively as a place to work anymore. They’ll feel like they’re part of a community that values fun and togetherness. All under your roof. That’s some serious goodwill coming your way.

High Entertainment Value

Powered by Killerspin

From the moment you order your “UnplugNPlay” Package, you’ve got a consistent connection from your guests to fun that never lets up. That’s because in addition to supplying you with a free table, customized paddles and balls, we’ll provide you with full concierge service for quick reordering, so the games can keep ramping up instead of getting postponed due to missing or damaged equipment.

Activate Your Experience Today.

Everybody in the hospitality business needs a special edge to keep their customers engaged and you’ll have yours with an “UnplugNPlay” package. Get ready for friendly rivalries, exciting team play and memories that your guests will never forget – all tied back to your place, of course.

Get started by filling out the form below and telling us a bit more about how many guests you typically have and a description of your environment. We’ll be promptly back in touch with an “UnplugNPlay” package that’s made to roll out and revolutionize your space.

Make your place the kind that gets people talking, staying longer and coming back for more. All with one monthly subscription that makes it happen. Let’s UnplugNPlay.