3 Signs Your Tenants Are Overexposed To Technology

About 30 percent of adults in the U.S. spend over nine hours in front of a screen per day. If your tenants fall into that category, chances are they’re overexposed to technology and experiencing one of the following symptoms.

#1: They Don’t Get Enough Sleep

If you have a property full of tenants who are starting their days sluggish, it may be due to their gadgets keeping them up at night. Smartphones or tablets emit blue light that a person’s senses can confuse with daylight, which causes the body to suppress the release of melatonin, a key hormone that regulates one’s internal clock. That’s why overexposure to these devices can make it impossible to stick to a proper sleeping schedule.

Why is this important? Apart from creating an environment that’s not terribly positive, lack of sleep—typically, less than six hours a night, has a negative impact on a person’s productivity and, even more importantly, their overall health. If their sleep is messy, their days will be too.

The Solution Playing table tennis is a great way to clear the mind during a busy work day. By implementing Killerspin’s UnPlugNPlay program, your tenants can break away from their electronics for at least 10 minutes for a ping pong match. The fun change of pace that occurs from friendly competition also helps them return to the task they were working on a lot more refreshed.

#2:They Find It Hard To Concentrate

Too much technology can contribute to decreased concentration and memory. How? In order to be stored, the information needs to be passed from a person’s working memory into long-term memory. Any break in the process, like stopping to check email or a new Twitter mention, can cause the information to be lost.

Sometimes people just need to take a break –There’s a limit to the amount of information your working memory can take in within a certain amount of time. Think of your brain as a sponge. If you soak it too much, it’ll just stop absorbing water. Sometimes, you just need to take a break and let it rest.

The Solution – Show your tenants how table tennis keeps their brains sharp. Tracking the ball, planning the next shot, anticipating the opponents’ moves and figuring out spins activates various areas of the brain simultaneously, stimulating an overall state of awareness. This is why table tennis is widely used to help prevent Alzheimer’s and several types of dementia. It also increases concentration, alertness and tactical thinking skills, earning the nickname “high speed chess” in the process.

#3: They’re Sitting Too Much

Research has shown that some 32.6% of adults have experienced neck/shoulder/back pain when exposed to digital devices for two or more hours. “But I’m going to the gym after work”, some may say. That’s great, but if someone is sitting behind their computer for 3 or 4 hours at a time, that workout could be pointless.

What are the implications? Prolonged sitting causes two types of problems: muscular-skeletal and metabolic. It puts the lower back, neck and shoulders under pressure to the point of where the individual can be at risk of a compromised posture. Not to mention it slows down metabolism, raising the risk of obesity by sitting all day.

The Solution – By creating an environment where people all over your building can get together around a Killerspin table, you’ll transform a common area into something special that keeps tenants engaged and coming back for more. After all, who wouldn’t want to break up long periods of sitting with 10 minutes of table tennis that ultimately boosts productivity and team morale?

Best of all, with UnPlugNPlay, you’ll have a program that’s ready to go right out of the box. We’re talking about a complete re-design of a space, a top quality Killerspin table, customized paddles and even the kind of tenant and employee engagement days that feature professional table tennis players.

So if you feel like the people within your property are being lulled into a same-old, same-old routine due to technology, it’s time to shake things up in a major way for the good of retention and attracting new tenants to the space. Talk to us about the UnPlugNPlay program from Killerspin today.


Make the UnPlugNPlay program from Killerspin the centerpiece of your property management company’s mission to well position your building to new tenants in the market and strengthen loyalty among your existing tenants. To arrange a consultation with Killerspin, fill out the form below to tell us more about your company. We’ll get back to you with an UnPlugNPlay package that’s ready to roll out and revolutionize your space.


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