Create spaces that will increase tenant loyalty

Learn How 33 W Monroe Takes a New Spin on Tenant engagement with UnplugNPlay activation 


You’ll be amazed what your tenants feel about coming to work in your building.  In the place of workplace stress, you’ll be inviting more tenants the opportunity to take their interaction to the next level, creating a relaxed environment to spur creative thinking. That’s built-in engagement right under your roof. 

So don’t just imagine it. Talk to us today about how the UnPlugNPlay program from Killerspin can strengthen your tenant relationships and position your building as highly attractive to new tenants in the market for an upgraded “workplace home.” To arrange a consultation with Killerspin, contact us at 312-342-7922 or email us at


Starting at $1,499, our packages are designed for organizations looking to build better culture. Put a customized paddle in every hand and experience the benefits of UnPlugNPlay. Table tennis helps people build authentic relationships and creates positive energy by rewarding hard work with short breaks from electronic devices. Free table, free shipping, and Concierge Service at your fingertips.