Building a Connected Workspace

Exercise and fun are some of the best treatments for the winter blues. In our blog post, “Let Them Play? A Surprising Way to Increase Productivity,” we explore how play can actually increase an individual’s productivity at work. Play activates dopamine and endorphins, two other “feel good” brain chemicals. Physical play and exercise, like an engaging game of ping pong, amplifies the production of each of these hormones and neurotransmitters. 

Now, it may not be possible nor desirable for tenants to leave your building during the day to go for a walk or hit the gym. So why not take advantage of this opportunity? Here’s your chance to encourage them to #UnPlugNPlay – unplug from their digital devices and play a game of ping pong.

Thanks to Killerspin’s UnPlugNPlay program, it’s easy to revamp a common space in your building where tenants can take a break over a game of table tennis – a low impact sport that has great health benefits; like an increase in focus, hand eye coordination and a general sense of happiness and well-being. Nothing could be better for office morale.

We will convert a common area space in your building, add a high-quality ping pong table and custom paddles, and supply all the balls you’ll need. We’ll even send our pro table tennis players to help make your tenant engagement event a success.

Talk to us today about how the UnPlugNPlay program from Killerspin can strengthen your tenant relationships and position your building as highly attractive to new tenants in the market for an upgraded “workplace home.”

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Starting at $1,499, our packages are designed for organizations looking to build better culture. Put a customized paddle in every hand and experience the benefits of UnPlugNPlay. Table tennis helps people build authentic relationships and creates positive energy by rewarding hard work with short breaks from electronic devices. Free table, free shipping, and Concierge Service at your fingertips.